Beginner Driver Education In Bowmanville

Beginner Driver Education or BDE is a driving course approved by MTO. Students are required to finish 20 hours in class, 10 hours in car & 10 hours of homework. At the end of the course, you can book your G2 road test 4 months earlier and may also be eligible for insurance discount.

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$550 + HST

Skid Control Course

*A minimum of 10 participants is required to hold a course.*

– Each participant must complete a quiz, and will need to achieve a 75% to pass and receive a Certificate.

– Classroom facility, vehicles & parking lot to be provided by the client.

Skid Control Course In Bowmanville

This program is a one day course which consists of approximately 3 hours of classroom time, followed by in vehicle training.

The in-class portion of the course includes a power point presentation and videos.There will be 7 different topics covered and a printed booklet will be supplied to each participant covering all topics taught.

The practical part of the course involves using pylons and instruction on braking techniques for skid control, as well as defensive winter driving knowledge and driving demonstrations.The in-vehicle training will take 20 minutes per student, working with groups of three at a time.

Defensive Driving Course In Bowmanville

When 15 demerit points are accumulated, Ministry of Transportation Ontario (M.T.O.) requires a Driver Improvement Course consisting of 5 hours of defensive driver education class followed by an hour of in-car driver assessment. Client must provide letter from the ministry.

$469 + HST

Defensive Driving Course

Driver Improvement Requested by Ministry When 15 Points Accumulated

*Client must provide letter from the ministry.*

Corporate Defensive Driving

Our corporate and fleet insurance programs are customized to fit the requirements of each business. It can introduce new information on laws, pro-active defensive driving techniques, and the latest information on handling the latest up to date technology.

Corporate Defensive Driving In Bowmanville

  • Our corporate and fleet driving programs have been a great success with many companies over the years. Several companies have asked us to come back several times, because their insurance was pleased with the program, but also noticed a difference in the courtesy and performance of their drivers.
  • Our corporate and fleet insurance programs are customized to fit the requirements of each business. It can introduce new information on laws, pro-active defensive driving techniques, and the latest information on handling the latest up to date technology.
  • Our programs can be tailor made to fit a three hour duration that would include videos, workbooks, discussions and a quiz, to a full one day workshop. The one day workshop would be in-class with the above program then divide the class into small groups using a company vehicle. The participants would learn how to use the vehicle and conserve fuel consumption.
  • These programs are certified therefore a competence test is required by each participant.
  • We look forward to working with you and your company!
  • Companies that have enlisted our services in the past and present are: BOC Gases, Durham Catholic District School Board, Enterphase Child and Family Services, G4 Security Services, GM Sernas & Associates, Northumberland County ACT Team, and Ontario Power Generation.

Senior Driver Assessment In Bowmanville

Today a senior driver can keep their licence to drive, past the age of eighty, as long as they can pass a written and vision test every two years. The Ministry of Transportation runs a Driver Refresher Course lasting about 2 hours prior to the written exam. It covers the basic rules of the road, and how a senior driver can compensate for changes in reflexes and eyesight.

Many seniors pass this written test with flying colours however, some of them show signs of poor cognitive skills when it comes to certain tasks behind the wheel. Many seniors consider themselves good drivers because they have been driving for over fifty years without incident. With age comes physical and mental changes.
Certain prescriptions can affect motor skills, especially if they are mixed with other drugs. A medical doctor is under obligation to notify the Ministry of Transportation if they have a patient that is a threat to themselves and the public. Some seniors get upset when they learn that their licence has been suspended, and that they now have to take a battery of tests by specialists and evaluators etc. to try to regain that licence and their independence.

It is important to remember that driving is not a right of passage, but a privilege and each driver needs to understand the implications of what is at stake. As it stands now, any driver over the age of 72 who accumulates points for any infraction of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, or is involved in an “At Fault” collision, will have to under go a driving test – free of charge. A senior driver can attempt this test countless times, but after the first failure their licence is reduced to a G1. They have to wait ten days between each test until they accomplish the “G”license.

Currently G1 License Restrictions are:

  • Must be accompanied by a licensed G Driver in good standing for 4 years
  • Cannot drive from 12 Midnight to 5:00 am
  • Cannot drive on any highway with a posted speed limit of 80 or higher
  • Zero percent blood alcohol concentration
  • No more passengers than working seatbelts

The Ministry of Transportation is currently considering implementing the time of day and roadway restrictions for seniors, called a “degraded licence”, which is embraced by many other provinces. They have not ruled out mandatory road tests for anyone over the age of 80. Studies are being conducted by the Ontario Government at this time, and the results will be available in the next few years.

Many Seniors recognize their own limitations and have changed when and where they drive, but this has not solved the problem of drivers having limited physical and cognitive abilities.

Annette, who is a senior herself has evaluated countless senior drivers over the years and understands the situation and what is involved. There are many options available at ACCENT ON ADVANCED DRIVER TRAINERS, depending on each situation for the senior driver.

There is a group program for 10 or more, called “55 ALIVE” which includes 5 hours in class instruction which can be taught in one day splitting the time with a lunch hour and breaks, or two mornings or evenings which ever is more convenient. Also included is an evaluation for each participant in their own vehicle. This is an ideal program for senior clubs and groups as it is more economical for each participant. Work books and a power point show make it entertaining and educational, and on completion of this course includes a certificate that some insurance companies would recognize for insurance purposes.

The other option is that an individual senior can make arrangements to come into the office to go over the Ontario Highway Traffic Laws and then make an appointment for an instructor to take them out in their vehicle and evaluate their driving by putting them through several manoeuvres. This also can be certified.

Senior Driver Assessment

Maintain Your Independence. We have a number of programs designed for the mature driver that will fit your needs.

Driver Refresher Course

This course can be customized depends on the circumstances of the student. It will refresh students’ driving knowledge and help them to pass either G2 or G test.

Driver Refresher Course In Bowmanville

This course depends on the circumstances of the student. It will refresh a student that is going for either G2 or G test. Sometimes it will also refer to a senior student that has been notified by the Ministry of Transportation that they need to be retested in the car. Generally it is lessons in the vehicle only, and to recap what is required to pass these tests. The student can use their own vehicle or the use of the instructors’ vehicle. As the need of each student is different, lessons are one hour each and based on the requirements of the specific examination.

“The most precious person in your life will be driving the most expensive thing you own, aren’t they worth the best!”

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