Tuesday 22 Aug 2017
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A defensive driver is one who
A defensive driver is one who knows all the rules of the road. He makes every effort to keep informed of any changes in traffic lanes, or advancements in road safety.

Being a Responsible Cyclist

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Wear a bicycle helmet at all times when bicycling. (All riders under the age of 16 - its the law.)

Follow the rules of the road: Stop signs, speed signs and Traffic lights.

Know and use appropriate hand signals.

Make sure your bike has the appropriate safety equipment such as lights, bell, brakes and reflective tape.

Stop at all intersections, marked and unmarked; look left, right and left again before entering or crossing the street.

Do not ride at night unless necessary  and if you do wear retro-reflective clothing when biking at dawn, dusk, or during inclement weather. The risk of injury during night time is four times greater than during the daytime.