Tuesday 22 Aug 2017
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Brake failure occurs because
Brake failure occurs because of poor maintenance. If the brakes fail put the vehicle in neutral and use the parking brake. Remember to hold the release handle or use the push button.

Tips on Traveling Alone

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  1. Plan and map out your route.
  2. Contact a friend or relative and tell them about your trip and the route you plan to take.
  3. Upon your arrival each night make arrangements to call on your safety.
  4. Have a friend or relative call police if they haven't heard from your that night.
  5. Keep all valuables in trunk.
  6. If your vehicle gets stuck or becomes disabled, activate hazard lights, display Call Police sign, sit in passenger seat and lock all windows and doors.
  7. If identification is requested, pass it through a slot at the top window.  If you are asked to step out of vehicle refuse unless you make a cell phone call or can be in a more populated area.
  8. Make sure battery is always charged on cell phone and it is programmed with emergency numbers.
  9. When getting fuel at night, go to a well-lit gas station, which is populated and busy.
  10. When going to a restaurant make sure vehicle is parked so that it can be seen from window or is in a well-lit area.
  11. If a vehicle is disabled go back into building to get help.
  12. Carry keys through fingers and walk with a positive step.  Use common sense when traveling alone.