Tuesday 22 Aug 2017
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Constantly think about the task at hand
Constantly think about the task at hand, which is to arrive at your destination without incident, each and every time you get behind the wheel.

Driver Distraction

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A recent study of 10,000 young passengers killed in car crashes involving a teen driver conducted by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm Insurance indicate the three deadliest distractions were:

1. Riding with an unbuckled seatbelt
2. Driving at high rates of speed
3. Riding in the car with multiple teens.

Other distractions included texting while driving, applying makeup, talking on the cell phone, eating, and surfing the radio. All of these seemingly harmless distractions can lead to car accidents that seriously injure or kill both the teens, and whoever else that is infortunate to be involved.
Even if teens are educated and instructed in driving in bad weather, collision avoidance, and proper speed limits, all of these lessons can go out the window when a carload of friends, loud music, and mobile devices are added to their environment.  The best way to educate your child about dangerous driving distractions is to simply talk to them about the importance of keeping their focus on the road 
Parents need to enforce some essential rules of the road ie:
Cell phones to stay turned off while in the car. 
They aren't allowed to drive more than one friend at a time.
Choose the radio station or CD before you start driving and stick with that one.