Tuesday 22 Aug 2017
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There are six methods of braking
There are six methods of braking, and each one has a purpose. How many do you know? Easy time braking is the method used for every day. Remember to ease up on the pedal, just before the vehicle comes to a complete stop, to avoid minor whiplash.

Ten Common Driving Errors

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 According to the Canadian Safety Council, ten common driving errors cause most accidents. They are: 

  1. Not checking traffic before pulling out.
  2. Failing to signal.
  3. Passing without checking for traffic in the passing lane.
  4. Pulling from the curb without checking for oncoming cars.
  5. Driving at excessive speeds.
  6. Inattentiveness.
  7. Distraction inside the vehicle, such as loud music or eating while driving.
  8. Inadequate defensive driving techniques.
  9. Making incorrect assumptions about other drivers.
  10. Tailgating.